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Savage Queen Bonus Scene

A soft cry in the darkness wakes me, and my eyes pop open instantly.

I was never a heavy sleeper, but since the twins were born, I swear it’s like I’m so attuned to them that I wake up before the first cry even leaves their lips. It’s Lily, her little voice soft and plaintive in the quiet house. I don’t think she’s woken up Callan yet, and if I get to her quickly, maybe he’ll sleep right through it.

Carefully, I extract myself from between Zaid and Lucas. We all ended up in the same bed last night, something that happens more often than not these days. Sometimes I’ll sleep with one of the men in their rooms, and none of them seem to mind or get jealous when that happens. But especially with our twins sleeping right next door to my room, it’s sort of become our usual gathering spot.

And I have no complaints about that.

“I’ll go,” Ciro murmurs sleepily, but I shake my head and press him back down to the mattress as I crawl out of bed.

“I’m already up,” I say, leaning down to drop a quick kiss to his lips. “You can take the next one.”

He murmurs something against my lips, his fingertips brushing over my cheek as his eyes fall shut again.

He’s an even lighter sleeper than I am. Although he hasn’t had a night terror in a long time, I know he’s still wary about letting go completely. It means he does more than his share of the late-night soothing when Lily or Callan wakes up and wants one of us to hold them, but he doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

Leaving the men in the bed, I pad across the room in my tank top and panties and slip into the hall. Lily’s soft cries are still calling to me, and when I step into the room, they increase a little in intensity, as if she knows her mommy is here now.

“It’s all right, little bear,” I murmur. I scoop her out of the crib, holding her against me and bouncing slightly as I peer down at Callan. His eyes blink open in the darkness, but he doesn’t cry.

He’s like that. Often quiet and always so watchful, so observant. He’s smart as hell—I can tell that already, even though they’re just thirteen months old. Lily is smart too, and already a little princess in her own right. She’s brave and bold, and not at all afraid to let the world know how she feels about things. I love her to pieces, and I can already tell she and her brother will complement each other well… and probably drive each other crazy sometimes.

I never had siblings, and I can’t wait to watch these two grow up together.

Lily’s cries soften quickly, turning into hiccups and then little cooing sounds. I chuckle, looking down at her.

“Pretty easy to please, aren’t you?” I whisper in a teasing voice.

A low chuckle from behind me draws my attention, and I look up to see Ciro walk into the room. He’s only wearing a pear of boxers, and shadows fall over his tattooed skin, making the ink that adorns his muscled frame look even darker than usual.

“She has you,” he says, his voice low. “What else could anyone need?”

I smile, thankful the darkness hides my blush. My heart swells a little as I watch him reach down and gently pick up Callan, cradling his son against the bare skin of his chest.

I don’t actually know if Callan and Lily are Ciro’s children by blood, or if they’re Zaid’s, Lucas’s, or Hale’s. Maybe it’ll become obvious as they get older, but even if it does, I’ll never think of them as anything but ours.

All of ours.

Because the truth is, regardless of who their biological father is, I can see each of the men in our children. They were all with me through every step of my pregnancy, they were there when I gave birth, and they’ve been there for every milestone of Lily’s and Callan’s lives.

Ciro hums a soft song to Callan, and I step closer to him, resting my head against his shoulder and bringing the four of us into a single bubble. Lily’s eyelids begin to droop, and by the time Ciro finishes his song, she’s sleeping peacefully again.

I step back a little and look up at him. “ You didn’t have to get up,” I whisper, catching his gaze.

He smiles, shrugging as he shifts our son’s weight in his big arms. “I wanted to.”

Warmth blooms in my chest. All the men were excited when they found out I was pregnant, but I think Ciro was the most nervous too. He used to worry about hurting me, and that worry was even more acute when it came to the idea of having kids.

I tried to give him space to come to the realization on his own, but I never had any doubt that he’d be an amazing father. He’s so sweet and gentle with our babies that my ovaries just about explode every time I watch him with them. Honestly, it’s a miracle I’m not already pregnant again, because anytime I see my men holding Lily or Callan, I want to jump their bones. It’s one of the most potent fucking aphrodisiacs in the world.

Ciro presses a kiss to Callan’s forehead and then lays him back in his crib. I settle Lily in her crib, then slip my hand into his as we leave the room.

The Novak Syndicate has been flourishing under Hale’s strong, confident leadership. Our organization is feared but also respected, and it’s given all of us a sense of peace that was markedly missing in the early days of our relationship. Threats still rise up from time to time, but we have more allies than enemies these days, and there’s security in that.

Ciro pushes the bedroom door open for me, but when I climb back into the open space between Zaid and Lucas on the bed, he crawls up after me, his body hovering over mine as my legs fall open to welcome him. For a second, he just gazes down at me, his hand braced on the mattress on either side of my head. Then he drops his head and kisses me, his tongue slipping out to trace the seam of my lips.

I open to him, wrapping my arms around his neck as I return the kiss, relishing the feel of his weight and his warmth. It’s hard to remember a time when he held any part of himself back from me, but I do remember it. I make sure not to let myself forget, so that I can always appreciate what we have and never take it for granted.

Our kiss deepens, lazy and heated, and he rocks against me, grinding his stiffening cock against my core.

Lucas lets out a soft, sleepy noise beside me. Before he’s even fully awake, his hands are running over my body, his face nuzzling into my hair. His lips find the curve of my shoulder, and he presses little kisses to my skin as his hand works its way up under my tank top to massage my breast.

I grin into Ciro’s kiss.

The thing about all sleeping in the same bed like this is that more often than not, sex with one man turns into sex with all of them. Only on rare occasions do we not manage to wake everyone up.

As if to prove my point, Zaid stirs on my other side. He mutters something unintelligible as he joins his brother in groping and teasing me, scooting closer so I can feel the hardness of his cock against my leg.

I groan softly, and Ciro pulls away, glancing at the other two men briefly before sliding down my body. His large hands grip my thighs, confident and commanding, as he presses them open wider. He kisses my clit through my panties before dragging his nose up the line of my pussy, making the already wet fabric even wetter.

His fingers dig into my flesh as he latches his lips around my clit and sucks, flicking his tongue back and forth as he does.

I buck against him, and a second later, my tank top is dragged up over my breasts by Zaid and Lucas. Two mouths fall to my nipples, their tongues and teeth attacking me at the same time Ciro releases one of my thighs to drag the crotch of my panties to one side.

He starts to fuck me with his tongue, sending an electric current bouncing between my breasts and my clit.

“Fucking beautiful.”

The low rumble of Hale’s voice makes my drooping eyelids fly open, and I look over to see him propped up on one elbow, gazing down at the four of us from Zaid’s other side. As our eyes meet, he leans over and kisses me.

And it’s like the missing piece to a puzzle just fell into place.

The feeling of all four of their mouths on me draws a low moan from my lips, and I arch up toward Zaid and Lucas as I come on Ciro’s face. He keeps lapping at me, as insatiably hungry for me as ever, and when he slides two fingers into my pussy, I come again.

The first orgasm rolls into the second one, making my toes curl, and I kiss Hale fiercely and wildly, gasping into his mouth.

“So fucking perfect,” he murmurs roughly, sliding his fingers through my hair and gripping the strands close to the roots so he can angle my head just the way he wants it.

Our tongues clash as I come down from the high of the orgasm, and when we finally break apart, Zaid releases my breast with a wet pop. He looks up at me, and Lucas follows suit. Between my legs, Ciro nips at my inner thigh before raising his head, and I pant softly as I glance at each of my men.

“Don’t think we’re done with you yet, kitten,” Zaid growls, a teasing promise in his voice as he slides one hand down to dip a finger inside me, feeling the slick arousal that coats my pussy.

A thrill of heat and happiness surges through me as the men all shift on the bed, rearranging themselves around me as they continue to devour me.

Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be getting much more sleep tonight.

But it’ll be so fucking worth it.

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